Nationa Seminar on Hindi-Urdu_Hindustani


Media Release: National Seminar on Hindi, Urdu and Hindustani


Centre of Indian Languages of Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi held a two national seminar on Hindi, Urdu and Hindustani on the occasion of its foundation day recently. Seminar was inaugurated by Sh. V.N.Rai, Vice Chancellor Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University Wardha and a know Hindi novelist as well. V.N.Rai spoke about the importance Mahatma Gandhi gave to Hindustani language, to be written in both Devnagri and Persian script which he considered necessary for national integration. He regretted that executive members of his University did not approve his plans to start a dept. of Hindustani in Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University, though he is still hopeful of starting it. He said Mahatma Gandhi was perhaps only national leader, who understood the importance of an inclusive common language for independent India. Welcoming the participants, chairperson of the centre, Prof. Chaman Lal regretted that just few months after Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination at the hands of communal forces, his desired common language Hindustani was defeated in Constituent assembly to become official language of India. Later Prof. Javri Mal Parikh from IGNOU explained in detail that how Hindustani propounded by Mahatma Gandhi was defeated by present official language of India Hindi by 77 to 78 votes in constituent assembly. Dr. Qiser Shamim Urdu scholar also delved upon the need to adopt an inclusive language policy rather than exclusive, which has created more divisions. Prof.R. Kumar,Rector of JNU, appreciated the papers and honoring of senior faculty of the centre. Prof. Mohd Hasan and Prof. Kedarnath Singh,both known Urdu and Hindi writers and Professors Emeritus of the centre were honored on the occasion. Dr. Roshan Ara Begum wife of Prof. Hasan received the honor on his behalf, as he was too ill to come for the function; however he sent a touching message for the seminar. Prof. Sankar Basu,Dean of the School chaired the session.

Three academic sessions of the seminar focusing on freedom struggle, contemporary situation and global context and media, in relation to Hindi, Urdu and Hindustani were held, conducted by seminar convener Dr.Devender Choubey and Dr. Khwaja Ekram and presided over by eminent personalities of writers and media like Giriraj Kishore,Prof. S.R.Kidwai, Shahid Sidiqi editor ‘Nai Duniya’ Urdu weekly and Om Thanvi editor ‘Jansatta’ Hindi daily. Presentations were made mostly by alumni of the centre, working now in various parts of the country, like Ali Javed, Ravi Srivastva, Rambux, Urmilesh,Gyanender Pandey,Suresh Sharma,Suman Kesri, Rupa Gupta, Abrar Rahmani, Shahid Parvez and many more. Some non alumni eminent scholars like Dr. MMP Singh and Dr. Kunju Mohd. Metharu also presented papers. Valedictory address of the seminar was delivered by Prof. Manager Pandey retired Professor and known Hindi scholar, who emphasized upon the closeness of spoken variety of Hindustani, but variation in literary Hindi and Urdu. Both days, seminar was attended by large number of alumni of centre coming from as far as Itanagar, Hyderabad, Burdwan, Patna, Jaipur etc. Prof. K. Nachimuthu presented vote of thanks.Kedarnath Singh and Mohd Hasan honored by VN Rai VC-R Kumar Rector at CIL-JNU seminar-28th Oct.-2009