On Many Lives of Man


I have not written anything on any of my three blogs in the traditional sense of blog writing.What I have done is to post all my articles or other useful material including photographs on my subject oriented blogs.In between I got enamored with Twitter and Face book and expressed myself in 140 words tweets and 420 words my thoughts.I tried to put my longer thoughts in many tweets and multiple thought continuation at face book.Still it would make me sometimes dissatisfied with the incomplete expressions.Now I feel that time has come to express myself on blogs with a little of freedom of length of text. First thing comes to mind is to redesign my three blogs.While bhagatsinghstudy.blogspot.com does not need to be changed much, as it is focused on Bhagat Singh thought and other revolutionary freedom movements can also be covered there.Incidentally my photo albums on Che Guvera and Indian Revolutionaries have attracted good attention on face book.On Twitter my followers did not accede even fifty,whereas on face book two hundred plus friends are now sharing their thought.Writing on face book is better as at least 420 word limit is there.But both Twitter and Face book provides URL link,so one can write on blog and then post link there.That way longer pieces can be written on blog,as most people do and link given. But I was talking about redesigning blogs.yes I think my chamanlal-jnu.blogspot.com can be turned into just Hindi language blog,so that it could be linked to wider network of Hindi blogs like Bharas or blogvani etc.Since I have lots of writings in Hindi,this could become my gateway to Hindi world, to which I professionally belong.Whereas my word press blog-drchaman.wordpress.com can take a multilingual shape of English, Punjabi and Hindi.Rather it could be focused on Punjabi and English more and if Icould learn to use Persian script on c0omputer than,occasionally Urdu and Punjabi in Persian script could be used. It may take sometime, as I am slow in technical matters,but I wish to post my first writing on blog as blog writing,which of course is going to  of no interest to many.

I wrote about mannerism on facebook and Twitter in broken form,whereas it would have been to write on it in continuous form on blog and then post it as link.Stray thought keeps on occuring to me,with philosophical moorings attached to these.One such thought is about many lives of man.Just a book by Dalrymple has come with the title-Nine Lives of Man.There is saying in Shakespeare play also Seven stages of Man and Punjabi novelist Gurdial singh quoted Malwai folk saying in one of his novels-Bandiya terian das dehiyan,eko gayi viha,baki kithe gayian(Man you got ten lives,lived just one,where have others gone?)This is in context of poor people’s lives,who as put in one of Paash’s famous Punjabi poem-Kande da Zakham(Thorn wound) are not been able to live even one life in their life.The rural folk of Kande da zakham has not seen anything in life other than his residence and the farm,where he labours.In many of these sayings, many lives of man means, a life lived in fullness,with many events in life-childhood to old age goes with all kinds of different experiences,which gives life a sense of fulfilment.In another context Marx too dwelt upon this aspect,when he conceives man(and woman) full of many talents and qualities where he/she could live as professional-academician,doctor,technician,but he/she could work in farms and could also labour in factory as well.He/she could play and he could sing or enjoy music of his choice,he could go to theater or enjoy any kind of aesthetic pleasure.Thus Marx conceived man as to be a complete personality in all respects,of course he or she could be a passionate lover as well.Since the capitalist society provides this kind of fullness of life only to limited number of people,that is why Marx called for overthrowing this system and building socialism,where maximum people could be able to have this fullness of life.

However bourgeoise life style may be providing all facilities for fullness of life,it proves to be utterly poor spiritually,not in the metaphysical sense of the term.but aesthetically speaking.Bourgeoise life style runs after crass consumerism and does not look for any kind of aesthetic pleasure in the form of music,arts,literature etc.And where it looks for too,it buys the art items,without having aesthetic sensibility.And there comes the other side of many lives of man-in reversre form,that is hypocricy in many forms.Our middle class running after bourgeoise life style is the most crude form of living many lives in reverse form.All forms are having a garb or vaneer of illusion and reality is entirely opposite to the form.Thus politeness in appearance is full of arrogance,competence in appearance is full of mannerism,concern for society is just for hogging the media headlines.Relations in different forms and at different levels are full of falsehoods and deception,though given the garb of loyalty and sincerity.Thus to live many lives for achieving fullness in life becomes many avtars of deception to grab more and more consumer items in life and making even human beings as consumer items to be consumed by any means.

Perhaps I am completely wrong or not being able to express clearly what I want to convey,but there is something in this very life,which makes me feel or think like that!

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