Remembering Jawaharlal Nehru on 125th Birth Anniversary


Nabha (13) Nabha high security jail (7) Pt. Nehru Nabha jail cell area (7) Pt. Nehru Nabha jail cell area (14) ???????????????????????????????WP_20140528_052WP_20140528_053WP_20140528_060Police St. Jaitu-FIR against Nehru kept-1923 (14) Police St. Jaitu-FIR against Nehru kept-1923 (18)Pandit Nehru, Gandhi, Patel all are in RSS boiler these days. After getting absolute and unbridled power, they are at a loss how to cope up with these names, out of which two had been their target and the one whom they want to use as counter image project as to build their credibility to rule India. Mahatma Gandhi became the target of not only verbal attacks, but got bullet of RSS inspired Nathuram Godse, patronized by their hero Veer Savarkar. And Nehru the bigger enemy due to his atheism, scientific approach and socialist rhetoric, so they had to recently admit that Godse should have used his bullet on Nehru. Gandhi in any case was not going to live long, Nehru was and did live 16 years after Gandhi assassination.
Was Nehru spotless above any criticism? No Nehru was no god or flawless personality. He was also having lot of contradictions and his blunders had made India and Indians, rather South Asian people pay heavily, yet he can not be treated with contempt as present rulers are treating him, even when hypocritically doing all official drama to commemorate his 125th birth anniversary. The worst attack has been made on Nehru by Prime Minister, when he promotes Dinanath Batra like communal persons, who hoodwink publishers to pulp books, talk nonsense about ancient India’s science-of Pushpak vimans and PM chips in with his Ganesha’s elephant head like medical science stupidest comment.
Nehru’s biggest blunders were his not dealing with issues with China in rational and negotiated methods, thus falling into US imperialists trap. Ironically Nehru was instrumental in sending Medical team including Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis to China during its revolutionary struggle, appreciated by Mao Dze Dong him self, whose family is still a symbol of Indo-China kinship family and people’s friendship. Also his stubbornness in not accepting Federal and inclusive resolve of transfer of power from British colonialism, which could had avoided partition and subsequent genocide of one million people on all sides, his urge to get power sooner caused much damage to not only present India, but to pre-1947 India, which got unnaturally split into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Jinnah was not the only guilty man of partition, Nehru and Patel were no less. Yet his romance towards socialism, Soviet Union, atheism based on scientific thinking, his love for children, making him ‘Chacha Nehru’, his appeal to people at large, made him lovable personality. His admiration for revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh also added to his popularity. After Mahatma Gandhi,there had been no other persons as popular as Nehru, Subhas Bose and Bhagat Singh were among Indian people. Ambedkar’s popularity was a posthumous, though ironic. Jinnah was definitely very popular, perhaps as much as Gandhi, at least as much as Nehru, among Muslims at that time. Patel stand nowhere in popularity as compared to Nehru, despite Modi-media built posthumous created popularity or 182 feet thousand crores statue, that does not bring popularity of pre 1950 period for Patel.
This is true that Nehru suppressed Communist revolutionaries in Telangana struggle during 1946-51, as later rulers are doing till day. Nehru with all his fascination for Marxism and socialist rhetoric, was moulded in Social Democratic shape of western societies and wanted to create that kind of society through the model of Public Sector and mixed economy, which if one reviews dispassionately did bring relief and benefits to some sections of organised working classes and middle classes, the benefits which are now being sought to be snatched through corporatisation of economy.He emphasized on Industrialization, building higher education institutions like Universities for creating Scientific temper and development. Jawaharlal Nehru’s another notable contribution was creating Non-alignment movement with Panchsheel-five principles of peaceful coexistence evolved with China at Bandung conference in 1955, but it were Indian and Chinese troops, which violated these principles few years later. Abdul Gamel Nasser of Egypt, Kwame Enkrumah of Ghana, Nehru and Tito of Yugoslavia were the stars on non alignment movement, their joint statues had been place in Georgetown, capital of Guyana under socialist leader Chedi Jagan during those days. Ironically even Nehru family Sonia-Rahul are afraid of claiming Nehru legacy in economy and harp on anti communalism and liberal ideas. One needs to defend most the Public sector approach of Nehru today, which is under worst attack by both BJP and Congress! The way Planning commission has been dissolved by new an indication to that. Nehru got the idea of Planning Commission from Soviet Union and even before 1947 transfer of power, Congress party was working on the idea. In fact first Planning Commission was established under Nehru’s own Chairmanship in 1938, after Subhas Bose has become Congress President in Haripura session. Present Govt. is not only anti Nehru, it is more anti to the ideas of Netaji Subhas Bose as well and also against the ideas of Bhagat Singh like revolutionaries, whose name it has been using to attack Nehru. Bhagat Singh incidentally was admirer of both Netaji Subhas Bose and Nehru, who were also close to the ideas of these revolutionaries. Bhagat Singh had more fascination for Nehru’s scientific, rational and socialist ideas during his times.
This is also a fact that Gandhi, Nehru or such leaders like Patel etc. were treated in jails by British colonialists, as Lalus etc. are treated now in jails-VIP guests, with all the facilities, except going out of four walls. Compared to that Nelson Mandela was kept for 27 years in Robben island prison in much worst conditions in South Africa. Even Mandela’s ideal was Nehru and not Gandhi.One can see Naini jail Allahabad’s photographs to see Nehru’s VIP status in jail-which had provision for office, study, guest room etc. I had clicked such photographs from Gorakhpur jail also, which presently are misplaced or lost. However Nehru got worst police and jail treatment in feudal rule of Nabha state in 1923, when he came to Jaitu with Acharya Gidwani and another comrade K Santhanam to express solidarity with Akali Morcha against dethroning of nationalist Maharaja Ripudaman Singh of Nabha state by British colonial regime, when he was confined in a cell at Jaitu police station for few hours and for two weeks at Nabha jail, which is now in bad shape. It was in Nabha, where he faced all those sufferings, as are being suffered by prisoners even today. They were released from Nabha jail only after convicting him for two and half years but left with warning not to enter state again.Two week which they spent in Nabha district jail, were the worst experience of Nehru in Indian jails.
Nehru was an intellectual giant too, his four books are popular not only in India, rather in whole world. He is counted among world historians due to his books-Glimpses of World History , written in letter form to his only daughter Indira Gandhi. His Discovery of India, made into celluloid by Shyam Benegal is equally significant book. So is his autobiography. His writings are written from secular liberal, left of centre angel and are fascinating read in style.
Any historic personality should be evaluated in totality of his social role, which could be combination of positive and negative aspects both and in Nehru’s case, positive aspects weigh more than negative ones, though negative ones are also not negligible!
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