Thiruvarur Ancient Temple in Tamilnadu


While visiting Central University of Tamilnadu in Thiruvarur, I was taken to one of most ancient temple in the town. Karunanidhi, former Tamilnadu Chief minister comes from this area and is presently MLA from this constituency. Photographs are not all clear, taken in dark. Musician Thyagraja also belong to this town and his birth house is preserved.


Visiting Snake Park Chennai in 2015


I had visited Snake Park Chennai, when I was still a student in JNU in 1981. I clicked some photographs at that time from my black and white camera roll. I visited the park again after 34 years, since this was close to IIT Madras, where I went for lecture and stayed in its guest house! Some of my friends may like these photographs, not all ow which have come clear!

Arvind Kejriwal’s Public Conduct-2007


Let me now share my only experience of Arvind Kejriwal’s public conduct! It was in sometime in 2007, when I was JNU Teachers Association President. I held Prof. Amit Bhaduri, a JNU Professor in Economics since my student days in JNU, in high regards. Also held in high regard Madhu Bhaduri IFS, wife of Prof. Bhaduri,daughter of an ex Governor, retired after being Ambassador from some countries, who turned out to be Hindi novelist and wrote three novels, all published by out of which first one I reviewed in Financial Express long ago. Those days Arvind Kejriwal was RTI activist apart from other of his activities. I did not know him personally, but he was expanding his political activities, somehow I was not much impressed by him through whatever I read in media. Bhaduris were supporting him in those days and suggested if I could also join in a meeting with Chief Commission of Information(CIC),which was to be led by Arvind Kejriwal with some other activists like Bhaduris, probably Shekhar Singh, another RTI activist, who later rose to be a Information commissioner as well. CIC office in those days was at JNU old campus-campus of my student days! I went around 2.30 pm at given time, Prof. Bhaduri-Madhu Bhaduri were there, they were all waiting for Arvind Kejriwal, who came a bit late and alone perhaps in his car and looked to be in hurry. We all moved to CIC office, located in old SIS building of campus on second floor perhaps. We were told that CIC did not come that day, whether to avoid the delegation or otherwise, so we met one of the Commissioners, there were just 2 or 3 commissioners those days. We entered his office, got seated. Mostly Arvind spoke, perhaps a word or two by Shekhar Singh. But the style of speaking of Arvind was almost brazenly aggressive to say the least, which was not to my liking, despite myself being of somewhat assertive temperament. Even when talking to any University high ups or in Govt., I generally did not speak in aggressive tone, even while asserting on issues most strongly,so this kind of aggressiveness could never be liked by me. Afterwards I never showed any interest in Arvind Kejriwal, even when he got fame as Anna led activist! Bhaduris became part of 1st round of AAP rise and during first AAP govt. in Delhi of 49 days, when Somnath Bharti issue of misbehaving with African women came up; Madhu Bhaduri and some other women activists stood up for decency to African women in AAP meeting, of which she was part, she was snubbed and forced to leave the meeting and since then Bhaduris are out of AAP. Madhu Bhaduri that time wrote also in Mainstream and other papers. Lalita Ramdas and Admiral Ramdas are part of same Bhaduris like senior respected professionals/democrats in AAP. But in todays AAP national executive meeting, misconduct with Madhu Bhaduri has again been repeated with Admiral Ramdas and with Prashant-Yogender-Anand-Ajit! I remained sympathetic to AAP, despite being hurt by Madhu Bhaduri incident earlier, as Ramdas’s,also having like friends inside AAP. It was due to illusion created by AAP friends that they can stop Moditva fascist rath, strengthened by Delhi AAP victory! Ironically today’s happening in so called AAP National executive committee meeting has upheld Prashant Bhushan’s unconfirmed statements that AAP absolute victory in Delhi can turn AAP itself into fascist party in Moditva mode! All antics of Kejriwal during Loksabha and later Delhi elections by using all religious symbolism/ritualism to appeal religiously faithful voters of all religions has surely put the not only Jawaharlal Nehru or Subhas Bose to shame, even he made mockery of Periyar, Lohia and Ambedkar’s enlightened atheism/agnosticism and socialist ideas! It is three cheers for Corporate-new colonials-feudals!They have now not one but two ‘Modis’ at hand-they can play the up&down parts of the same coin-one side Modi other side Kejriwal! to keep people in blind darkness of their exploitation!
What about fate of those Indian people who got be-fooled by AK and his Moditva gang of four with help from PB-YY -Anand Kumar like people. Would the kicked out follow Subhas Bose-Jaiprakash Narain to form Forward Block(1939) or Congress Socialist Party(1934) like party to restore people’s faith in possible social change, though now in long time or they will get lost in oblivion of history! I hope and wish Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi and Prof. Sadhu Singh two MP’s of AAP from Punjab won mostly due to leftist support will stand by people and not with now totally discredited AAP by today’s conduct! Better stay in field,organize AAP(Socialist) or such party, crying need of Indian people to socially transform the society free from corporate-colonial-feudal exploitation! People and history both look to you!

Enemy of the People in Kolkata


On 21st February, watched Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen famous play ‘Enemy of the People in German adaptaion with English subtitles on Kala Mandir theatre on Shakespeare Sarani Kokata. It was an experience of life to see Kolkaya audience turning out in large nu mbers and making a beeline to enter the theatre. Some photographs of the occasion-incidentally International Mother languages day. Adding one or two photographs from Ibsen Museum from Norway, visited in year 2013!

Remembering Raghuvir Singh Khanna-Nagpur

Standard S Khanna-Nagpur

Raghuvir Singh Khanna has been an institute in himself-an example of dedication to revolutionary cause and selflessness. He was a professional engineer, but left his lucarative job to dedicate himself to publish revolutionaries related literature from Nagpur by establishing Vishav Bharti Prakashan. He published Muktibodh’s school prescribed but later banned text book-Bharat:Itihas aur Sanskriti! He fought court case on it. He also published Jitender Sanyal’s banned biography of Bhagat Singh, in 1946, when ban was lifted from it. Later on Muktibodh and Sanyal’s books many editions have come up. He also published Sukhdev Raj’s Jab Jyoti Jagi for first time. He established Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch in Nagpur and all comrades of Bhagat Singh visited him, whenever they were in Nagpur. He was the one who discovered Kundan Lal Gupt, comrade of Bhagat Singh who prefered to live in anonymity for many years, after coming out of jail, a monograph on him was published by Khanna ji. Everytime I visited Nagpur, I visited his modest office-cum residence of Vishav Bharti prakashan in Sita Bardi. He passed away after brief illness on 8th January at his sister’s place in Jabalpur, where he arrived a few minutes ago with her from Nagpur. Most shocking was that for more than two months, I had no information. Only on 13th March, got an sms from a friend Dr. Raghuvir Singh of Palwal, informing me of this sad news. At his invitation, I delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh in Nagpur in September 2013, of which some photographs shared in a albume then. Here his interview with Basant Tripathi and his photograph and few old photographs are being posted as a tribute to 89 years old Khanna ji! I remember him fondly and pay my tributes! He did not marry and lived alone in a small room near his book shop! Pushpender Pushpendra Phalgun‘s write on his blog also attached as link here