Remembering Gurbux Singh Preetlarhi-at Preetnagar


Gurbux Singh Preetlarhi’s 120th birth anniversary was celebrated at Preetnagar today-the dream town established by Gurbux Singh in 1939. Gurbux Singh considered one of the finest and rationalist prose writer of Punjabi began his journal ‘Preetlarhi in 1933, which continues till today and hope it will have its own centenary in 2033. Preetlarhi was edited by Navtej Singh after the passing away of Gurbux Singh. Navtej Singh passed away untimely and his son Sumit Singh took over as editor, he was assassinated by Khalistani terrorists and fundamentalists as Preetlarhi always opposed religious fundamentalism and promoted rational humanism. He and Nanak Singh novelist lived there throughout and both have memorials built in small quiet peaceful village after their passing away. I had visited Preetnagar first in 1992 or so, but without camera. This year planned to visit Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna’s village Bhakna, Bhagat Singh’s ancestral village Narli with Dr. Bhiminder Singh​ and at his suggestion included Preetnagar also. We had visited Ghuman village of Saint Namdev for Marathi literary conference and also Ahmedyias Hq. Qadian before staying for night at GNDU guest house Amritsar. Looking at Bhatia Harbhajan Singh​’s wall about today’s function, I belatedely am posting the memoirs of Preetnangar visit. We met Gurbux Singh’s son Hirdepal Singh editor Bal Sandesh, daughter Uma Singh, who are quite old now and also Sudeep Singh, son of Navtej Singh and grandson of Gurbux Singh, who retired from GNDU as Professor in Russian, my JNU Almunus. There were old photographs of Preetnagar’s early days. Preetnanagr has been revived by Madanjit Singh’s eforts with Gurbux Singh-Nanak Singh foundation now holding function every month as of today’s function.
During Gurbux Singh birth centenary year I had presented two papers on him in Punjabi.One at CRRID Chandigarh and another at Punjabi Sahit Sabha function in Delhi on his novels, lesser discussed, which is included in my Punjabi book-Prasangvas!


Tribute to Eduardo Galeano-Open Veins of Latin America



Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano passed away at the age of 74 years, a day before on 13th April 2015. I had got copy of his
famous book Open Veins of Latin America, which I took to Trinidad during my stay there in year 2011 and read in October. Recently I got his novel Days and Nights of Love  and War, published by my own publisher-Aakar Books, which I am yet to read. I liked Open Veins immensely and sharing a little note as my tributes to the great liberatory author of Latin America!

‘Open Veins of Latin America’, Eduardo Galeano, forward Isabel Allende, Translated from Spanish Cedric Belfrage , Three Essays collective, New Delhi, 1st Indian ed. 2008, MR Press 1973, 1997, Spanish 1971, Mexico, pages 317, price Rupees 375/

   It is now four decades when this book was first published in Spanish from Mexico and from Monthly Review press in New York in English, two years later. But the book continues to draw attention and became more famous, when in 2009 UN General Assembly session, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez presented the copy of the book to President Obama of USA, to show him the mirror of real face of US and other western powers squeezing the Latin America and other parts of the world. Indian edition of the book was brought out in 2008. This is must read book for all those concerned with world’s democratic movements. This book exposes the five centuries exploitation of 22 Latin American countries, first by Spain, Portugal, Britain, France and Holland and later by USA. While these powers squeezed the natural resources and blood of these countries, they imposed military dictators and puppet regimes by toppling genuinely popular governments, resorting even to killing, as they killed Chile’s popular President Salvador Allende and earlier Che Guevara in Bolivia. The introduction to the book has been written by Chilean writer and niece of Salvador, Isabel Allende. Galeano has written the book with hard facts and with certain creativity in style. Book is divided into three parts and five chapters. Third part includes only one essay-Seven years after,a kind of review of seven years of publication of the book. The writer comes from Uruguay, where the book may not be available.

  First part of the book is titled as –Mankind’s Poverty as a Consequence of the Wealth of the Land- it includes three chapters-Lust for Gold, Lust for Silver; King Sugar and Other Agriculture Monarchs; The Invisible Sources of Power. IInd part of the book is titled as Development is a Voyage with More Shipwrecks than Navigators. It includes two chapters-Tales of Premature Death; and the Contemporary Structure of Plunder. Book also includes References, Index, Introduction, Acknowledgements etc. Book shows how North America keeps on enriching itself at the cost and squeezing of South America, known as Latin America. One cannot discuss the book here in detail, but suffice to say that this book should be read and contemplated upon.


Some Books of and on Pash-one old report-23rd March tribute


On 23rd March, could not post any post on Pash, my favorite poet and co-worker in Punjab cultural movement in Punjabi Sahit Sabhiachar Manch in 70’s. Meetings of which were held sometime in Pash’s Chaubara in Talwandi Salem, sometime in Sursingh village at Waryam Sandhu house,sometime in my house at Rampura Phul, sometime at Ajmer Aulakh house Mansa. Pash has been widely translated in many languages-Marathi, Gujarati, Malyalam, Bengali, Hindi, English and many more some titles are posted here. In Marathi Sahitya Sammelan at Ghuman village of Sant Namdev in Punjab, discussion of Punjabi poet’s Marathi ttranslation will be held on 4th April at 2.30 pm, where Pash poetry’s Marathi translator Anupma Ujgare is already there.
Remember you Pash fondly!